Lucas Joyner, “Myers-Briggs”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 03.27.14 in Listen to This

Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas is an even-toned, squint-eyed, and calmly intelligent presence – and, as he repeatedly tells you on “Myers-Briggs,” he knows who you are. You might recognize the title of the song as a personality test – you might even have taken it. Well, screw the Myers-Briggs: This is the Joyner Test, and you are all failing. If you are “trying to borrow $20 for your rental car”, or if you have kids you can’t take care of while you “sleepin on the floor at your mama house” – Lucas has words for you. The song is four minutes of finger-pointing, a lightly delivered laundry list of people that disgust him, but it knocks hard, for two reasons: 1) The beat is compellingly damaged-sounding, with a defaced bass pitch that bucks in the middle and sends the snare and hi-hat crashing to the floor like fine china from a dinner table. And 2) Lucas raps with Guru’s unimpressed monotone and Juvenile’s bounce. Pretty damn great.