Lee Gamble, “Motor System”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.14.14 in Listen to This

In his interview with Wondering Sound’s Andy Battaglia, PAN label head Bill Kouligas offers a short biography of London producer Lee Gamble: “He is really into modern composition and advanced computer music and early electronic music. [He makes] harsh, complex computer music…but he grew up with a dance music background.” You can hear both of those influences at war in Gamble’s latest single for PAN, “Motor System.” The song begins with a steady, panicked-heartbeat bass-rhythm, the kind of thing that usually pulses from the speakers at around 3:30am at a warehouse party. But what follows is not a rapturous surge of synths or a shimmering, triumphant melody. Instead, we get decayed tones; when it feels like the song is about to explode, it instead collapses, turning into filmy ambient sound that drowns a disembodied robotic voice. It’s consistent with PAN’s well-cultivated aesthetic of taking the history of dance music, destroying it, and building new songs from the shards.