Laura Jae, “Let Go”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 06.24.14 in Listen to This

London singer Laura Jae first stirred mild ripples of attention with a cover of King Krule’s “Out Getting Ribs,” and her new single, “Let Go,” is beholden to a similar kind of minimalism. It’s also quietly beautiful: the backing track is barely there, just a few twinkles of synth and a whispery click-track. The song belongs to Jae, who sings like she’s speaking: restrained, straightforward, assured and direct. There’s some of the pillow-talk R&B of groups like the xx, but where that music sounds like it’s build for the bedroom, “Let Go” feels best suited to a long drive down an empty city street in the early hours of the morning.