Kloke, “Sea Levels”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.14.14 in Listen to This

There are dozens of styles banging around the dark alleyway of “Rituals,” from the forthcoming Sea Levels from the Aussie-based artist Kloke. It starts as minimalist electronics — a heartbeat of percussion and the kind of crackling ambiance typically found on released by Wondering Sound faves Blackest Ever Black. But as it continues, it gets stranger, more restless. A mournful synth loops lazily in the background, lacing itself between the deep, insistent rhythm like the melodica in some dark dub song. Then it changes shape again — ripples of shimmering electronics make it feel like a mutant strain of techno, built for late nights at some Venutian dance club. It’s impossible to pin down — a constantly-moving, constantly-evolving shadow cast across a bedroom wall as the sun is beginning to set.