Kid Moxie & The Gaslamp Killer, “Museum Motel”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.02.14 in Listen to This

Very few lyrics — more like mutterings — float past the murk in “Museum Motel,” but that’s kinda the point. As Kid Moxie proved with her previously released Angelo Badalamenti collaboration “Mysterious of Love” (a Julee Cruise original co-written by David Lynch), the Greek singer-songwriter is at her best when she dives into artfully manufactured melodrama full-on. “Museum Motel” takes that approach to another level by tapping the soundtrack-y tendencies of The Gaslamp Killer, an LA producer best known for his party-rocker role in Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder collective. He’s subdued here however, letting Elena Charbila’s mist-sprayed melodies coexist with Morricone nods, windswept strings and a muted drum march.