Kevin Morby, “Parade”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 08.27.14 in Listen to This

Kevin Morby has always had an affinity for romanticizing a wayfaring lifestyle, and the latest track from his upcoming full-length Still Life hints at similar themes. This will be his sophomore release as a solo artist, and though some of us might find ourselves anxiously awaiting a tweet or Facebook post to end the Babies’ hiatus, we can find solace in “Parade.” Morby channels Lou Reed melancholia into a lackadaisical, ‘60s folk-leaning ode for the weary and the wandering. Its lush instrumentation makes it a song to play when you’ve exhausted all conversation on a road trip with your best friend and want to chill out for 5 minutes. Enhanced by a swelling horn section, Morby offers, “If you come to search for what is lost/ Then may you find it at any cost.” But he focuses on deeper thoughts, with several of verses that ponder his own dying words (“If I were to die today/ the last thing that you’d hear me say/ Is bury me in different shades/ of the parade”). If “Parade” is any indication, Still Life may be darker, more introspective and more refined than Harlem River’s New York City worship.

Still Life is due out October 14th on Woodsist Records.