KeithCharles Spacebar, “S T A C Y”

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 11.17.14 in Listen to This

Awful Records has totally dominated a huge chunk of my listening repertoire in the second half of 2014. Whether it’s Ethereal’s Cactus Jack (that’s Cactus, not Combat, but who would ever make that mistake…), Father’s undeniable “Look at Wrist” and “Nokia,” Slug Christ’s “On It,” Archibald Slim’s totally slept-on “Alone” — I could go on — I’m riding for this crew hard. KeithCharles Spacebar’s totally romantic, R&B-glazed “S T A C Y” is being added to that lot. Come for the smooth beat, stay for the whatever-the-rap-lyrics-version-of-a-portmanteau-is of Beenie Man and R. Kelly references.