joyride!, “Don’t Forget the First One”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.17.14 in Listen to This

joyride! is rekindling my excitement for pop-punk. The Bay Area band’s lyrics hit a raw nerve, especially on “Don’t Forget the First One,” with crunchy chord progressions and a kick-drum beat that pounds itself into your heart. The track feels like the lovechild of bedroom-pop geniuses Bad Banana and Seattle rock ‘n’ rollers Big Eyes. The former comparison is earned via lead singer Jenna’s delivery of soul-crushing lines like, “I can hear it long distance/ through the phone, through your callous statements/ An imprint in wet cement, ‘I’m unlovable I am discontent.’” No frills riffs and simple drum fills work together with memorable hooks until lyrics devolve into pure, sparse cooing. joyride!’s LP Bodies of Water is out September 18th on Salinas Records!