John Carpenter, “Vortex”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 11.05.14 in Listen to This

John Carpenter is rightly acknowledged as a musical visionary, but prior to now his compositions have generally been seen through the prism of his films: gritty, gloomy sci-fi or slasher flicks like Assault on Precinct 13 or Halloween, through which his atmospheric, synthesized scores drool like an oily pulse. The ascent of boutique soundtrack reissue labels such as Death Waltz means that increasingly, we’re encouraged to listening to these scores as stand-alone creations, severed from their parent film. No better time, then, for the 66-year-old director to announce what he’s calling his “debut album”, Lost Themes. Due out next year on Sacred Bones, here’s the first teaser: an inky-black fog of swirling synthesizers and doomy piano chords imbued with a crackling, magickal portent.