Joanna Gruesome, “Psykick Espionage”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.02.14 in Listen to This

Joanna Gruesome is a band that can’t make up its mind, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The sometimes noisy punk, sometimes indie-pop fivesome’s follow-up to their lauded Weird Sister LP is a 7-inch collaboration with tour mates Perfect Pussy. Each band recorded one cover and one original, and “Psykick Espionage” is the violently energetic latter from Joanna Gruesome. Half the time the UK group is vehemently cramming itself into your ears, with rapid build-ups and furious shouts from lead vocalist Alanna McArdle. The rest of the time, though, she’s switched to a cooing alto and the rest of the Welsh band is sunnily playing along with melodic (albeit fuzzy) riffs and pop hooks. Balancing on the edge of two disparate genres is what makes “Psykick Espionage” so dynamic, as if to remind the world that of the many words used to describe Joanna Gruesome, boring couldn’t possibly be one of them.