Jeezy Feat. Kendrick Lamar, “Holy Ghost (Remix)”

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 09.04.14 in Listen to This

For a long stretch, it seemed like Jeezy might not be Recession-proof. He had blip of reinvigorated success last year with 2 Chainz collaboration “R.I.P.” but most of his releases since his aforementioned 2008 album haven’t hit quite as hard. 2014 has been a pretty wily year for the Atlanta rapper, with multiple arrests under his belt, including a very recent one for possession of an illegal assault weapon. Earlier this week, Jeezy dropped a brand new studio album Seen It All: The Autobiography, one of his most impressive works to-date. LP standout “Holy Ghost” boasts Jeezy’s signature triumphant menace. It’s hooky but never corny and beaming with his unruffled threats. Kendrick Lamar hops in on this remix to provide the last verse, which can usually end with you getting killed on your own track — especially when K.Dot goes gruff. But, not so with Jeezy and “Holy Ghost” serves to show he is still on top of his bird-play and wordplay.