Hieroglyphic Being, “The Fourth Dimension”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 10.13.14 in Listen to This

Hot on the heels of his recent The Seer Of Cosmic Visions long-player for Planet Mu, Chicago’s Jamal Moss returns with the new The Fourth Dimensions of a Nubian Mystic on London’s Technicolor. Going on “The Fourth Dimension”, Moss’s music is as epic as his titling: a pulsing acid techno as textured and beautiful as a cosmic system, setting flaring synthesizers, acid squeals and jazzy one-finger keyboard in orbit around a machine rhythm as steady and unyielding as natural laws. For years, they’ve called Jamal Moss an outsider; if he remains so, it’s no longer a commentary on his production style. Much dance music today feels like an incitement to get messy in the rave, but “The Fourth Dimension” feels like something quite different: an expression of spiritual grace.