Hannah Diamond, “Pink and Blue”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 07.09.14 in Listen to This

According to Soundcloud, this track was posted eight months ago, but I’m posting it here anyway because it is all I have listened to for the last 24 hours. Good Lord. Information about Diamond is scarce, other than the fact that she’s the clear pick for “breakout star” of a UK label called PC Music that specializes in ultrasugary candy pop. Actually, strike that: it’s not so much candy as Candy Crush: the music is hyper-digital, full of sparkling blips and whirrs and pops, and Diamond’s voice skips along the top of them giddily. “Pink and Blue” is a love song, full of teenage apprehension and nervousness, and by the time it gets to the pixelated Morse Code chorus, you’re already fully under its Rainbow Brite spell. Diamond’s got another song out, “Attachment,” which is a bit slower. “Pink and Blue” is a sure shot of 100% happiness.