GoldLink, “Playa”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 03.05.14 in Listen to This

GoldLink is a 20-year-old D.C.-area rapper with a bug-eyed, hungry flow and an aesthetic all his own — the beats he raps over are pillowy, air-conditioned and cooled-out. He calls his sound “future bounce,” and even though it’s made-up, it feels accurate. The producer of “Playa”, meanwhile, calls himself “SpaceKid,” which also feels accurate. The beat is busy and playful, but all of the digital madness is calm, somehow. New Age synths glide past like blue whales; six different drum programs argue with smaller digital noise beneath it. And as for GoldLink — he sounds, superficially, a little like Chance the Rapper, a little like Meek Mill. He also sounds like he exists in his own world. Early in the track, he waves away a (fictional) Kanye cosign. H He’s working out his own aesthetic, and this is a thrilling early taste.