Gleemer, “Coast Cruiser”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 09.05.14 in Listen to This

The Colorado two-piece Gleemer do a good job of keeping themselves at arm’s length. Their Tumblr is mostly full of abstract photos and drawings, their Facebook page lists the band’s members by first names only (Corey and Matt), and the artwork for their forthcoming cassette on Gold Flake Tapes is stark and eerie. Some of that carries over into “Coast Cruiser,” that record’s hazy, alluring lead single. The tangle of guitars and steady-plugging bassline recall New Order, but the vocals — courtesy of Corey — are pinched and tense, stretched tight across the chugging instrumentation. It’s an odd element amid music so clean and streamlined — like a pebble in a meringue pie or a smudge in the middle of a Rauschenberg. It’s exactly that strangeness that makes the song feel complete.