Fatima, “Ridin Round (Sky High)”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 04.23.14 in Listen to This

Scoop DeVille is an LA-based hip-hop producer who has racked up a long list of hits — Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” is his. So is Fat Joe’s 2010 banger “Ha Ha (Slow Down)” and Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock.” On this song, by the Swedish-born UK singer Fatima, he makes like circa-03 Timbaland, piling up cross-rhythmic clave hits like a field of chattering locusts while a single sitar string bounces in the middle. Like most of his productions, there are at least three layers of rhythms winking at each other as they slide past each other here, so the beat hits your ears like a frantic double-dutch and molasses, all at once. Fatima sings in long, sustained, jazz-inflected tones against it, her melody line the sinuous equivalent to Ciara writhing on top of a car in slow-motion for the crunk&B hit “Yeah.”