Fatima Al Qadiri, “Star-Spangled”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.02.14 in Listen to This

The first time I stumbled upon Fatima Al Qadiri’s music was on the tightly edited shelves of MoMA’s satellite museum PS1. The UNO NYC 12” looked like it had been lifted from an installation about virtual reality visions, which seemed appropriate — Qadiri’s productions have always been about much more than neon-tinged synth tones and bold sample banks. They’re conceptual art, really, and “Star-Spangled” is no exception. The free Adult Swim single is an ambient, time-stretched meditation on the national anthem most of us aren’t really listening to before the big game. It’s patriotism as played in purgatory, waiting room music for the conflicted holiday weekend ahead.