Fasano, “Played It Last”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 04.16.14 in Listen to This

Matty Fasano is a classic singer-songwriter on Godmode, a cassette-only Brooklyn imprint more associated with industrial grime and noise. Imagine if Rufus Wainwright recorded for Earache, and you might get a sense of the sublime incongruity at work. But Fasano, who has something violent lurking in his lovely, lilting voice, belongs here. You can hear loosened screws rattling in his wobbly vibrato, like he might shake himself apart at any moment, and his lyrics hint at wild emotions, barely contained. He records directly into a MacBook laptop microphone, intentionally overwhelming a dinky piece of hardware with input, and the result is delicate songs with a slightly irradiated feel, glowing at all corners with distortion and clipping. The crunching drum sounds come courtesy of Dale W. Eisinger, drummer for post-punk duo Yvette, and they gild the bouncing power pop of “Played It Last” like a rose wrapped in tinfoil.