The Drums, “Magic Mountain”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.15.14 in Listen to This

When The Drums first burst onto the indie-pop scene nearly five years ago, they couldn’t have been clearer about their intentions, what with the way they named their debut EP Summertime! and seemed to write beachside anthems in their sleep. Now — after a three-year break, several solo releases, and lineup changes that left only their core duo intact — the Drums are back with a bizarre single that pairs their signature handclaps with manic counter melodies, loopy synth lines, and caffeinated choruses that are aggressive to the point of being vaguely punk rock.

“Together, we had just one goal,” frontman Jonny Pierce told Noisey, “let go of any preconceived ideas that anyone has about The Drums and make songs to be as grand and majestic as we want them to be. ‘Magic Mountain’ is a sparkling reflection of our last three years. It’s about shedding off what binds you and protecting whats good, finding a safe place away from everyone and everything that wants to destroy you.”