How to Dress Well, “Let U Know”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.24.14 in Listen to This

Tom Krell told me he would’ve liked for the two songs that come on a vinyl 10-inch included with the deluxe edition of How to Dress Well‘s new album, “What Is This Heart?” (yes, his quotes), to appear on the LP itself. “For whatever reason,” he said in outtakes from our SPIN interview, they didn’t, but now a wider audience can hear how one of those tracks, “Let U Know,” basically apotheosizes the detail-rich, philosophical confessionalism of the record proper. The question from the album title even appears in the lyrics here. The answer: The heart is a thing that hurts. In an Auto-Tune-tweaked vibrato set atop meandering piano chords, Krell vows to show “all the ways” this person has wounded him. When the robot-soul effects fall away, Krell harmonizes with himself, suspended over a rumble of percussion and a starry blanket of strings, forever asking.

How to Dress Well has also announced a new set of tour dates, which you can find on the project’s website.