Doll Food, “Speed Freaks in Love”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 06.24.14 in Listen to This

Wonderfully weird even for a label that prizes the wonderful and weird, “Speed Freaks in Love” from the just-released tape by Doll Parts weaves and shimmers trancelike throughout its six minutes. For as gauzy and ghostly as the instrumentation is — long sheets of synths and creepy, wind-chime like keys — the production is wonderfully garbled. It makes sense that the album is only available on cassette: long portions of the song sound like they’ve been chewed up by the recorder, and the sound crumples and evens out repeatedly, adding texture and also making the song feel more personal and immediate. You can even hear the clicking of the tape machine’s gears if you listen close. There’s a vocal melody, but it’s far off, and it sounds like Lykke Li under the spell of Kali Ma. It’s pure black magic, wonderful and strange.