Diplo, “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.08.14 in Listen to This

It may seem unthinkable now that Diplo spends his nights popping bottles with Madonna, Skrillex and Katy Perry, but the party time producer’s 10-year-old debut album was dare-we-say-restrained and downright beautiful in parts. Now the subject of an expanded Black Friday reissue by Ninja Tune imprint Big Dada, Florida hits a creative peak with “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You,” a morose beat suite that wouldn’t sound out of place on a DJ Shadow record. One of his better ones, too.

“I made Florida between a small apartment in Philadelphia and my mother’s house in Florida,” Diplo explained in a statement (via Rolling Stone). “I was working late nights and taking a bus through the city every night, smoking weed, putting on headphones and just making things I never heard before and could just imagine. Making this record created an entirely new world for me.”

Listening to it opens a figurative door as well, leaving one wondering why Diplo never made an album like this again. Guess it’s hard to dump melancholy loops into your sample bank when life’s been nothing but improved ever since.