The Courtneys, “Lost Boys”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.19.14 in Listen to This

In their interview with Marc Hogan for Wondering Sound, Vancouver group the Courtneys listened to television theme songs from the ’80s, and weighed their merits. They return to the ’80s once again in new single “Lost Boys,” which is being released as a cassingle by the great Burger Records, who never met a format they didn’t want to try. The slowly-chugging sugar-pop song nods subtly at the ’80s film of the same name — “You look just like you did in 1986/ and that’s why you’re a vampire teenage boyfriend” goes one repeated refrain — but musically, it’s about a decade later. Its barely-distorted guitars gently nudge along its starry-eyed vocal melody, and the whole thing feels as lazy as floating down a river on a warm spring day.