Chumped, “Songs About Boats”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 10.02.14 in Listen to This

Self-deprecating, silly and reckless, Chumped make party-ready, slacker pop-punk. In just under two minutes, “Songs About Boats” shows they’ve grown up a bit since their debut EP from last year. Carried by immediately memorable guitar hooks, the song harnesses traces of Radiator Hospital’s fuzzy power-pop and Olympia punks RVIVR’s addictive energy. As the drums slow for a moment over sloping, reverb-charged chords, Anika Pyle breaks into anxiety-driven yells to finish the frenzied, just-barely-emo bridge: “If you feel restless/ and you feel tired/ and you decide you wanna save a little money/ And you want freedom/ and a new thing/ Well I said go ahead and take it, honey.”

Chumped’s first full-length Teenage Retirement is out on November 18 via Anchorless Records.