Christian Fitness, “Aghast, Anew, Anon”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 08.21.14 in Listen to This

If you’re a fan of McLusky or Future of the Left — and if you’re into grating, sardonic, smart rock music, you really ought to be — I want to make you aware of Christian Fitness. It’s the solo project — sorry, “one man band” — of FOTL frontman Andrew Falkous, and appears to be a repository for good, loud, home-recorded ideas that might otherwise go stale by the time the next official album comes round. Check out the Bandcamp album I am Scared of Everything That Isn’t Me for some great song titles (“Attack of the 50 Foot Sideproject”, “Feelgood Hit of the Second Trimester”) and this vicious, breathless opener.