Cherry Glazerr, “Had Ten Dollaz”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.29.14 in Listen to This

As two-thirds of Cherry Glazerr (frontwoman Clementine Creevy and drummer Hannah Uribe) head into their final year of high school, the SoCal trio have delivered a limited 7” single to Suicide Squeeze, upping the ante for their next album even further. Originally cut for the rock ‘n’ roll runway schemes of Hedi Slimane, “Had Ten Dollaz” could give a goddamn what you think about Cherry Glazerr’s relative age group. Unlike the playful indie-pop anthems on their last album (2013′s Haxel Princess LP, which revolved around schoolyard crushes and the perfect grilled cheese sandwich), the A-side barks as much as it bites.

“I know that you notice my ways,” sings Creevy on the track’s explosive chorus. “And I feel, I feel your gaze.”

Wait till this time next year, when that line’s meaning carries over to the crossover success that’s merely a matter of time.