Boots, “Mercy”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.08.14 in Listen to This

Don’t be so quick to rush judgement on this one. It takes a minute or two to warm up.

Jordy Asher, better known as Boots, will always be the man who mysteriously turned up with production and writing credits on Beyoncé prompting us to ask, “Who is this guy?

Since then, he’s continued to work with Queen Bey. He scored the new version of “Crazy in Love” for the 50 Shades of Grey trailer, and when he released his mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall in June, Beyoncé joined him on “Dreams.”

It looks like he’s been tinkering with the track “Mercy” for some time now. (There’s versions that go back a year, including one that clocks in at over an hour long.) The most recent one was posted yesterday evening. Boots chooses to tease out the lyrics for quite a while; setting a scene of growing agitation, floundering impatience, and eventual spite.

Then, just before the three minute mark, he comes out full force and belts, “Shadows up your spine/ I was lying every time.”

By the end you’re not sure who is more in need of mercy, the singer or his subject, but you know that the last 90 seconds of the song were worth the wait.