Boogie, “Bitter Raps”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 09.05.14 in Listen to This

Long Beach, California, rapper Boogie can’t seem to help himself; he has pointed observations for you. “I hate how every L.A. rapper try to make a song like YG, like be creative,” he offers. “I hate when n****s roll up weak blunts just to take a selfie.” Every few bars, he allows “I probably be on the same thing, probably be on the same thing” just so you don’t hit him. Boogie has a giggly, lisping voice, sounding both bemused and piqued. He recalls Devin The Dude, who similarly always seemed to be simultaneously talking shit and ducking. The beat on “Bitter Raps,” produced by DK The Punisher, initially fronts as menacing, with massive synths and horn fanfares, but it soon dissipates into a wisp of backward synth — low-key, cool, melodic and infectious. From his recent tape, the excellent (and excellently named) The Thirst 48.