Hollow Sunshine, “Hardly Understand”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.26.14 in Listen to This

The contrast that powers the music of Hollow Sunshine — the duo comprised of Morgan Enos and Reuben Sawye — is an old one, but it’s still alarmingly effective: combine tuned-low, chomping guitars and woozy, kite-in-the-breeze vocals; lay down, drift away. “Hardly Understand,” from the group’s latest cassette on the increasingly-formidable Bridgetown Records, is a dreamy, drifting, mirage-like number with a melody that dips and bobs. In his spare time, Sawyer works as a visual artist (he designed the cover for Deafheaven’s debut album) and has also released albums with the doomy Blood Bright Star. You can hear both of those sensibilities at play in “Hardly Understand” — the guitars surge and stomp, but the mood overall is one of swirling colors and distant shapes.