Asaad ft. Ab-Soul, “Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 03.25.14 in Listen to This

It’s unclear why the gravel-voiced Philly rapper Asaad called this song “Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow” — there are no references to The Rainbow Thief in the lyrics, just powerful struggle-rap bars. Asaad follows in a rich tradition of terrifyingly vivid death threats in Philly rap — Beanie Sigel once pondered what it would be like to pour lye in your mouth, and Asaad has similar thoughts — “F*ck with me, have your body covered in lye,” he warns. Ab-Soul, meanwhile, obliquely refers to his struggles with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and the death of his girlfriend, topics he addressed in depth on 2012′s heart-baring “The Book of Soul.” The sample is taken from a gospel-soul rendition of the hymn “What Would You Give For Your Soul,” and both rappers dig deeply into the track’s surfaces.