Alex Winston, “Careless”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 12.10.14 in Listen to This

Alex Winston‘s grandiose, instantly memorable pop songs have always been underrated, and with time they’ve only grown more and more befitting of big-name nightclubs rather than dive bars. On the glimmering, polished “Careless” Winston swoops in and out of moods, from slowly baring her soul to frantically chanting in desperation. Her charming mew has been slightly smoothed out on this track, though her alto soars just as high as before. Winston’s vocals spike, fall and nearly squeak through the verses, backed by a jittery bass line, sparse piano chords and a steady hi-hat splash. With the chorus comes a rampant, energetic hook, carried by Winston’s signature provocation of raw urgency.

Careless 7” is out via Neon Gold on February 10th, 2015. You can pre-order it here.