31Ø8, “Go To Hell”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.18.14 in Listen to This

As you might guess from an artist who records as 31Ø8, there’s something slightly robotic about the opening of “Go to Hell.” Its lockstep synths and weird, electro-steam-engine percussion are a sleek flash back to the early days of MTV. But as it goes on, the song gets sweeter and more assured: the blinking keyboards feel buoyant and giddy, and Tyler Zypreksa’s vocals — relentlessly sunny, despite the song’s dark subject matter — are the sweet stuff the best indie pop is made of. The story behind 31Ø8 is an unlikely one: their demo showed up, unsolicited, at the offices of Trouble in Mind, and the label was so taken with what they heard, they added Zypreksa to the roster. The entirely of 31Ø8 is full of winsome, winning retro-futurist indie pop, made with cotton-candy keyboards and centered on Zypreksa’s earnest tenor.