Listen to Ruined Fortune’s Sensational Scuzz-Bomb “Transparent Faces”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 03.27.14 in News

Though the majority of their outstanding debut recalls the junk-shop grime-covered post-punk of Rough Trade circa 1979, “Transparent Faces,” the latest single from Aussie powerhouse Ruined Fortune, sounds more like T. Rex having a bad day. The guitars have glam rock swagger, but they’re drop-tuned and slowed-down, trudging forward instead of sashaying. The vocals — courtesy of R.I.P Society main man Nic Warnock and Angie Garrick — float in half-dead and dreamlike, not so much commanding the song as splaying across it. The impact is terrifically unnerving, a blown-out blast of stoner blues full of sinister riffery.