Listen to Mattress Financial’s Jarring, Intimate “On Your Lap”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.12.14 in News

Mattress Financial’s “On Your Lap” opens the same way much bedroom folk opens: with a few tiny pricks of guitar and Sam Rosenberg’s deep-set, close-mic’ed vocal. But then it gets to the second verse, and Rosenberg sings, “It gets better and it always will/ but not for the dog with the crossbow, kid.” From there, it’s a short leap to oozing “piss and pus and plaque,” and the song takes on an aura of the surreal. Rosenberg’s layered low-and-high vocals sound like J. Mascis harmonizing with Doug Martsch, and the song’s minimalist aesthetic makes it feel almost uncomfortably personal.