Listen to Johnny Cash’s Lost Album ‘Out Among the Stars’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.25.14 in News

“When these tapes were rediscovered and I heard them again, I was reminded of this man who was my friend,” John Carter Cash told the LA Times, after being asked about Johnny Cash’s lost album, Out Among the Stars. “He and I were very close in the 1980s, so it’s a really personal connection for me to hear this.”

While Cash’s posthumous catalog is beginning to look as loaded as 2Pac’s, the only son of the singer and June Carter Cash insists the sessions he helped complete with co-producer Steve Berkowitz add up to “a unique and beautiful Johnny Cash record,” featuring two duets between the couple, a bonus track produced by Elvis Costello, and a pair of collaborations with Cash’s longtime friend Waylon Jennings.

“It’s still [Billy] Sherrill’s original production,” John Carter Cash explained, “and that’s one of the highlights of the project. The real highlight is my father’s booming voice. It was just one vocal take on all this stuff. His voice never sounded better.”

Check out a complete stream of Out Among the Stars below to hear how it holds up against the rest of the icon’s eighties catalog and his final releases with Rick Rubin…