Listen to the Icy Post-Punk Menace of “Kaleidoscoped” from VANIISH (Ex-Soft Moon)

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.06.14 in News

Keven Tecon’s work with Soft Moon was dark and warped — think early Section 25 or Crispy Ambulance (if you can), twisted into weird, garish shapes. Their full-length was more about mood than melody, casting long shadows across broad, icy expanses of sound. So the first single from the forthcoming debut by his new band, VANIISH, is surprising in its directness. Tecon’s low, baleful voice is the perfect complement to the song’s highwire guitars and eerie layers of synth. If there was such a thing as nu-goth — and at the rate we’re going, there may be soon — this would fit squarely inside that movement, sleek and modern, but impressively gloomy.