Listen to Flashlight O’s Charming, Rickety “TV Time”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.20.14 in News

A flashback to the days when four-track folk was a trending topic in indie rock, Flashlight O’s spare, endearingly awkward “TV Time” sounds like it was recorded by a teenage Will Oldham before he’d fully worked out his persona. In fact, it’s the project of Baltimore’s Colin Alexander, and the songs he writes are grainy snapshots of suburban adolescent life. Case in point: about a minute and a half into “TV Time,” Alexander settles into the couch to watch The Fugitive, marvels over Harrison Ford’s performance, and sheds a tear. It’s a small, everyday detail, the kind of thing that feels almost too minute to mention. But in the context of the song, its rickety guitar and Alexander’s timid, bleating voice, it feels monumental.