Listen to Armand Margjeka’s Rich, Moody Hummingbird

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 06.03.14 in News

Containing the same breathless desperation and wry understatement as the best songs by the National, the title track to Armand Margjeka’s Hummingbird catalogs heartbreak and romantic longing with the poise and control of a surgeon. “Out in the street with my heart in my hand,” Margjeka sings, “And I don’t know what’s in it.” The rest of Hummingbird matches that song in both content and tone. Margjeka is an expert at crafting dark, slow-building songs that deliver emotional trauma with impressive restraint. “Ain’t Me” shuffles and sways, Margjeka’s baritone bobbing between tiny apostrophes of guitar. Even the optimistically-titled “Baby Put That Dress On (We’re Goin Out Tonite)” stalks like recent-vintage Nick Cave. It’s a formidable effort from a songwriter with a cunning sense of the human condition.