Lil B Goes Space Jam on New Kevin Durant Diss Track

Dustin Sussman

By Dustin Sussman

on 03.11.14 in News

Easily one of the most unique MCs alive today, Lil B The BasedGod has made a name for himself by providing his diehard online fanbase with some of the most unorthodox and entertaining releases the genre has ever produced.

As if releasing a 101-song mixtape back in December wasn’t enough, the Berkley artist has finally outdone himself by reigniting his long-standing beef with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant in hilarious fashion.

In “F*ck KD,” Lil B unveils an off-the-wall diss track aimed directly a the NBA star, pulling no lyrical punches in the process. It showcases The BasedGod’s ill layup skills as well as an outrageous open challenge to take KD down on the hoop court. Not sure if Lil B watched Space Jam one too many times, but the guy does know how to write one seriously catchy chorus about dissing one of the best basketball players on the planet.

Stay Based.