Lauryn Hill Narrates ‘Concerning Violence’ Film Trailer

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 12.02.14 in News

Lauryn Hill has been playing live throughout the year, and in August she shared one of the most moving recordings released in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting, her “Black Rage (Sketch).” The former Fugee didn’t unveil any other new tracks this year, but she’s the narrator for Concerning Violence, a documentary film about colonialism in Africa. From Swedish director Göran Hugo Olsson, the movie won an award at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival, was nominated for another at the Sundance Film Festival, and opens in New York on December 5 at Manhattan’s IFC Center.

Hill voices text from The Wretched of the Earth, a 1961 book by Martinique philosopher Frantz Fanon. Olsson told Dazed he wrote to Hill about the project while she was serving a 2013 prison stint for tax evasion. “She replied immediately and said it’s too strange, I’m here in prison and I’m reading that book now,” he recalled. “So she said, I will not only do the voice-over, I will also do the music. She wasn’t released until late October, so we didn’t have the time for her to make music, but she was released from prison on Friday, on Monday morning she was in the studio making the recording for the narration.”

Watch the trailer, which intersperses Hill’s narration with archival footage from the Angolan War of Independence and other ’60s and ’70s conflicts, below.