Lana Del Rey Sexual Assault Depicted in Unreleased Marilyn Manson Video Footage

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.20.14 in News

UPDATE: In a statement to Pitchfork, Manson’s representative, Kathryn Frazier of Biz3, said, “Manson did not direct this, shoot it, nor was it for a Marilyn Manson video or outtake footage made by him or to be used by him with his music. It must be a fan video splicing up old Manson video footage with someone else’s Lana Del Rey footage.” The video has also been taken down.

The new Marilyn Manson single, “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge,” has raised expectations for his January 2015 album The Pale Emperor, but remnants of the singer’s days of courting controversy have surfaced once again. Los Angeles media collective Sturmgruppe worked on two videos released from Manson’s 2012 album, Born Villain. One, for “No Reflection,” shows Manson at a dinner party that goes creepily awry.  Another, for “Slo-Mo-Tion,” shows Manson holding a machine gun in front a window with letters spelling out the word “rape.”

Sturmgruppe didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment, but a video has surfaced online interspersing parts of the “No Reflection” and “Slo-Mo-Tion” videos with other footage. In the previously unreleased portion, Lana Del Rey can clearly be seen acting out a scene of sexual assault by director Eli Roth. Roth had previously told Larry King he shot a video with Manson and Del Rey, saying, “The footage is so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year.” Whoever put the footage in a vault was probably wise.

Del Rey, for her part, has more-talented directors to impress. She could be up for an Academy Award nomination for one of two songs she sings in Tim Burton’s upcoming movie Big Eyes. Unfortunately, the Ultraviolence artist also recently had her assault portrayed in Eminem lyrics, as the rapper referred to punching her. Before that, American Horror Story: Freak Show covered her song “Gods and Monsters.”

As for Manson, he just announced a 2015 tour.

Watch the video here if you choose.