Kode9 Reveals Previously Unreleased Burial Song, “Lambeth”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.30.14 in News

In a special appearance on BBC Radio 1 last night, Kode9 finally revealed the title of the previously unreleased Burial track that’s set to appear on Hyperdub 10.4 next Tuesday. Speaking to DJ Benji B, the producer/label owner said, “It’s Burial beats [but] the music on top of it is maybe different to what people are expecting from the last few releases he’s done, which have been more like montages, cut-up of different tracks. This is relatively straightforward.”

It’s also not a new song technically; “Lambeth” has been floating around for a few years, which may explain why it was left untitled in the initial promo push for the compilation. Either way, it can now be sampled around the 1:43 mark here, or in the radio rip below: