Kindness’s Robyn-Royksopp “Monument” Remix Is “Everything”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 08.15.14 in News

Having less of Robyn‘s voice isn’t the obvious way to make a Robyn song better. Do It Again, the Swedish pop dynamo’s patiently generous new mini-album with Norwegian duo Röyksopp, doesn’t do obvious. Adam Bainbridge is one of those remixers who like to reinvent and re-title tracks rather than more conventionally “remix” them, and Robyn is due to appear on his upcoming second album as Kindness, titled OthernessThe U.K. producer and singer/songwriter’s take on Do It Again‘s cosmically expansive “Monument” (which yesterday got a trance-inducing Mark E remix) is titled “A Monument to Everything,” and, like Peter Dinklage’s yearbook photo or a corgi cuddling a baby, it is everything.

Kindness’s loving revision hands vocal duties to South African singer/performance poet Busiswa, whose emphatic presence helps the song transcend the specific people who made it in the first place and become, yep, some kind of monument for others to visit and decorate as they see fit. Adam Gopnik wrote recently in The New Yorker that, in America at least, we bring “relics and personal scraps, the roadside folk-memorial style, to the temples of sublime simplicity.” Robyn told The Fader of the remix, “He brought the song to a new place, his place.” It’s a place with that characteristic, bouncy Kindness bass, but Busiswa’s spirited exhortations (“Tell me who you are!” “How do you make it real?”) defy specific geography: Scandinavia, Britain, South Africa… No wonder the original track’s video zooms through space.