Kim Deal Releases the 5th Installment of Solo 7″ Series

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 11.18.14 in News

In January of 2013, former Pixies’ bassist Kim Deal launched her solo 7″ series and today she released the fifth installment. (The previous release was back in July for “Range in the Castle.”)

Track 9 is titled “Biker Gone”; it was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini and features Slint drumer Britt Walford on the drums. (Incidentally, he drummed for the Breeders when they recorded Pod.) The 7″ also features Track 10 “Beautiful Moon” on its b-side and is available in several versions. There’s 1,000 copies of a limited edition White Label, while the official release comes on black vinyl with artwork by Chris Bigg. Both versions are available for purchase on Deal’s website. For all you non-vinyl collectors, the songs are available for download on iTunes and Amazon as well.

The video for “Biker Gone” was directed by Lance Bangs. Walford pops up there as well, along with Kim’s sister and Breeders’ lead guitarist Kelley Deal.