Kim Deal Haunts Young Jack Nicholson for ‘Range on Castle’ Video

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.10.14 in News

The Breeders are about to set out on a huge tour with new songs, but ex-Pixies singer/bassist Kim Deal isn’t through with her recent series of solo singles. Or not quite solo, in the case of “Range on Castle,” a whimsical scruff-pop lope she recorded with singer and actress Morgan Nagler. Deal told SPIN the song was inspired by a real-life date to a gun range on Castle Road in her Dayton, Ohio suburb of Huber Heights.

The NPR-posted video for the song finds a castle and a narrative counterpart for the song’s off-kilter, slightly spooky mood in the 1963 horror film The Terror, which happens to be in the public domain. The clip, cut by Morgan’s brother, also finds a perfect gun-range-date hero: Jack Nicholson, still several years pre-Easy Rider and wonderfully baby-faced. Though the Roger Corman-directed film stars Boris Karloff, the video focuses on Nicholson and spectral co-star Sandra Knight. Curiously, Nicholson’s role as a lost French soldier is reminiscent of the central character in Black Francis‘s new novel The Good Inn. Gigantic!

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