Killer Mike Appears on CNN to Discuss Ferguson

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 12.02.14 in News

Killer Mike went on CNN to discuss the emotional speech that he gave prior to a performance on the night that the grand jury revealed their decision not to indict former officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown. Noting that Run the Jewels was the only act that didn’t cancel in St. Louis that evening, Killer Mike explained that his wife and his rapping partner El-P encouraged him to speak out that evening.

When he was asked if he wished President Obama had made a trip to Ferguson, Killer Mike replied that he understood the need to appear impartial and respect the court’s decision as the leader of a country. But he also said, “As a black father and as a black man, I would hope that when he stepped away from that podium, when he went and sat on the bed next to his wife, I would hope that he experienced the same feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that I felt because those feelings are what invigorate you the next day to fight the better fight.”

Killer Mike also said that he did not believe Darren Wilson’s testimony and he supports the five St. Louis Rams players who walked on the field Sunday evening with their hands in the air in a show of support for the Ferguson demonstrators. The St. Louis Police Officers’ Association is currently demanding that the NFL punish the players and have the team issue a formal apology.

In addition to speaking on CNN this week, Killer Mike also published an op-ed, co-written with Professor Erik Nelson, regarding the case of Anthony Elonis; a rapper who was sentenced to 44 months in jail for writing and posting violent rap lyrics on Facebook about his ex-wife and a female FBI agent.

Watch Killer Mike’s appearance on CNN below: