Kendrick Lamar Confirms Dr. Dre’s Involvement in New Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.13.14 in News

While Detox may never come out — it’s been nearly 15 years since Dr. Dre starting working on it — don’t let Apple’s recent billion dollar Beats deal trick you into thinking the hip-hop icon has hung up his mic for good. According to a Kube 93 Summer Jam interview (via Consequence of Sound), Dre is busy working on the next album from his latest protege du jour, Kendrick Lamar.

“Dr. Dre is focused like he always been,” insisted Lamar. “He focused on music, man. One thing about Dre, you can’t take the music away. No matter how much money he has, he’s always gonna be right there in that studio. That’s before the deal, after the deal. He’s always locked in there. That’s something that I know personally.”

As for when we can expect the album to drop, Lamar said, “I couldn’t say. I couldn’t give a false pretense on where I’m at. I can’t even give a date or a time, but it’s going to be an event.”

Check out the Beats commercial Lamar starred in down below…