Joyce Manor Call Out Crowd Rider For Crushing Young Fans

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.24.14 in News

We’ve all been there before — swept up in an ecstatic live performance, only to have the spell broken by a lumbering dude who decided to stage dive straight into your face. Normally, the show goes on without a hitch when this happens, but Joyce Manor couldn’t help but stop their set in Jacksonville last Sunday to address one overzealous fan.

“Hey man, how tall are you?” frontman asked the stage-diver after bringing him back on stage. “How much do you weigh, if you don’t mind me asking?”

When he said 190 pounds, Johnson turned to a young female fan and continued, “How much do you weigh? Sorry, that’s really rude. You’re much smaller than him, right? It’s completely unacceptable for him to impose himself on top of you. Completely unacceptable, right? Under no circumstances is that acceptable? OK … Please don’t do that again.”

Having been attacked online for the incident, Johnson filed a follow-up statement via Twitter: “Seeing a lot of people online saying I’m a ‘pussy’ and a ‘bitch’ for calling out that grown man trying to crush a group of teenage girls. So far on this tour I’ve seen a girl with a black eye, a girl with a concussion, and a girl with a dislocated knee. Great way to make young women feel safe at a show when the rest of the fucking world is hostile towards them already. I love a crazy show as much as anyone else. I just don’t think anyone should have to go to the hospital cuz of some idiot with a tank top and Moz hair.”

Amen to that. Have a look at what happened near the start of the live video below: