Joel Jerome

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Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 10.09.14 in News

Joel Morales, formerly of the DIOS, is now Joel Jerome. Under this alias, he peers back at the TimeLife Books era of rock history—The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, The Beach Boys, et al— through a dirty glass, darkly. The signifiers are all mixed up and put in the wrong order, so that the drowsy Pink Floyd-referencing psych-pop song (“Everybody Hell”) is also, somehow, the one with the surf rock Link Wray solo, and the folk dirge “He’s A Complicated Man” has a bongo break and a saxophone. His album, Psychedelic Thrift Store Folk, comes out on Manimal Vinyl, and fans of early Fresh & Onlys, before the fish-eye lens was removed from the production, or other California psych-pop such as Morgan Delt or even Ariel Pink, will find happy solace here.