Joanna Newsom Says She is Working on a New Album

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 12.08.14 in News

In recent interviews with Dazed and Billboard, Joanna Newsom confirmed that she is working on the follow-up to 2010′s Have One On Me.

She told Dazed, “I’m working on something new – I should hopefully have a little more news soon. I’ve been working hard for a lot of those five years on a new idea.” And when she was asked if she would ever score the soundtrack for a film, like Jonny Greenwood’s collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson, Newsom replied:

I think so. It’s just a question of putting time and energy into the thing that is most rewarding at any given time. This movie was so incredibly rewarding and fun for me, and it did maybe defer some of my music work for a while, but it was totally worth it. I think I would do a film soundtrack if I was very inspired by the idea and the collaboration, knowing that it would maybe take away a little bit of my time spent on other music, touring and so forth. But I would really love to some day.

In regards to working with Anderson, whom she considers a personal friend, Newsom told Billboard:

I had a very strong sense that I didn’t know what I was doing. Afterward, Paul came up to me and said, “You’re going to go home and start freaking out and think that you did a terrible job, and I’m just going to tell you now that you didn’t, and that it will be easier the next time.” And he was right.

She also mentioned her music, claiming, “I’m so slow anyway with music. [Inherent Vice] did take up some of my creative energy and time, but it was completely worth it.”

The film hits theaters this Friday December 12. Newsom plays Sortilège, a friend of Joaquin Phoenix’s character and the movie’s narrator. Watch the trailer below: